DJ Surda


DJ Surda also know as “Afroman”, “11811”, “Afro”, Batidora musical / … Music Mixer / Mash-up Bio “Music will never like me.” Me, at the age of fourteen. Influences From Classical to Spice Girls. Bethoveen, the Beatles, James Brown, 2 Many Dj’s, Daft Punk, Justice, Steve Aoki, Sounds like Electro fans say I don’t sound like electro. Rockers and Indie rockers that I don’t sound like indie, even less like rock. House, techno, trance and others say I sound weak. Funky people say I leave the Uhn-Ah! at home. Soulers that i leave the spirit at choir. Lovers of the originals versions that I ruin the song. Bored people I’m not seriou, fun people I’m crazy. Of Course, they all right, cause i just make music for surda people (but music is an UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE). “Happy music is when you here it and you start moving and shaking something automatically… and you smile a lot too. When you shake your head or your chin or your neck, or your shoulders. Or you move from side to side… etc."


DJ Surda DJ Surda - How Will I Find Love Made For Me?

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DJ Surda DJ Surda - Come On My Krazy Back

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DJ Surda DJ Surda's St. Joan 2013-06-23 Session Vaivé Xiringuito

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DJ Surda Engresca't 2013 Mashup

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DJ Surda - Losing My Religion, I Love It

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DJ Surda El Tigeraso Martyn

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DJ Surda - Dire Straits vs. Chinese Christmas Cards DJ Surda - Walk Of Dreams

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DJ Surda - Limp Bizkit vs. Las Ketchup DJ Surda - Take Aserejé Around

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DJ Surda - Rage Against The Machine vs. Alex Ferrari vs. Mic DJ Surda - Killing In The Name Of Bará Berê

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DJ Surda 039 The Animal (What Does The Animal Say_)

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DJ Surda 027 I Follow The Hotstepper

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DJ Surda 025 Baby's On Infinity

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DJ Surda 024 DJ Surda - Thriller Loba (Radio Edit)

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