Those songs are part of a project started alone in June… 2011. Influences ? Radiohead, Coldplay, Portishead, Pixies, Nirvana, Massive Attack, Muse, Placebo, Aaron, Girls In Hawaï, Deus, Kansas, David Bowie, Genesis,Aphex Twin, The Who, Brel, Saez, Zorn, Peace Orchestra, Nine Inch Nails, Hooverphonic, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pulp, Blur, Oasis, U2, Bob Dylan , Neil Young , Eddie Vedder, Red Hot Chili Peppers , Depeche Mode , The Cure ... Obviously I just love music. ;) I hope you will enjoy my work. Peace


Igans Something That Does Not Exist

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Igans Spell

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Igans Up on Blue Hill

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Igans Shelter

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Igans How Sad

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