I'm a Cliché


French DJ and producer Cosmo Vitelli created I’m a Cliché in… 2004. Beside the ability to release his own production (and later, his band Bot’Ox’s music) without depending on anybody else, the aim was to discover and release the production of artists he liked. An aesthetics of the margin took shape. I’m a Cliché has been a balanced mix of club hits and home songs, reverence to the past and experimentation, obstinacy and volatilty. With a pattern of soon-to-be-big musicians : Yuksek, Simian Mobile Disco, Azari & III, Runaway were all memorable signatures of the label.


Jonathan Kusuma Street Siren (Karamika Remix)

26 plays

Jonathan Kusuma Street Siren

5 plays

Jonathan Kusuma Gong 3000

1 plays

Jonathan Kusuma The Grand Search

3 plays

Bot'Ox Hummer Party

1 plays

Red Axes Only A Clown Can Catch An Axe

76 plays

Red Axes Kicks Out Of You (LP Version)

137 plays

Red Axes Papa Sooma

68 plays

Red Axes Neon

49 plays

Red Axes The Watkins

86 plays

Red Axes Candy

40 plays

Red Axes Dreams Like A Tale

34 plays

Red Axes Head Like Glass

254 plays

Red Axes Road To The Hills

57 plays

Red Axes Bela Lugosi's Dead

44 plays

Moscoman Ego Trippin (The Twins Too Much Ego Version)

11 plays

Moscoman Ego Trippin

12 plays

Moscoman Rerotica

8 plays

Moscoman Dark Horse

9 plays

Red Axes Kicks Out Of You (Feat Abrao)

66 plays