KATElectric has been producing electronic music for a couple of years,… composing songs, working with sounds and publishing a record all the leap years. +++ KATElectric members +++ singer-songwriter Kathleen Schäfer +++ composer Christoph Schumacher +++ Your feedback and comments are welcome. And if you like, please share, support us and buy. KATElectric-Remixes of your favourite songs are also gladly accepted. Enjoy listening...


KATElectric Du Ich (Original)

41 plays

KATElectric Du Ich (TheDJisDead REMIX)

22 plays

KATElectric Fireflies

60 plays

KATElectric Heartfake

28 plays

KATElectric Meat Market

85 plays

KATElectric Ruf Mich An

117 plays

KATElectric Sigh Of The Universe

75 plays

KATElectric The Darkest Game

31 plays

KATElectric Why Cry

41 plays