"Man-DJ-Machine" - as is sometimes said about himself VladbmV. Music i… s his life the most important place, and takes almost all the time. Vlad can be considered a musical expert breeder, because through his ears, is published today, almost all techno-house music. Each track gets his review, but only a select few manage to stay in his collection. Vlad sets are interesting not only for the clubbers, but also for colleagues - there is always the mass is present innovations and trends. http://vladbmv.blogspot.com http://youtube.com/vladbmvua http://soundcloud.com/vladbmv http://www.mixcloud.com/vladbmv http://vladbmvua.podomatic.com http://vladbmv.official.fm


VladbmV Aeon

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VladbmV Bed Trip

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VladbmV deepAteque

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VladbmV RTS.FM Kiev Studio - 25.05.2012 DJ Set

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VladbmV Smarthard Podcast Episode --

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VladbmV TECHNOFAMILY DP UA Party 2013-12-14

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